Any In-Store purchase a customer is not satisfied with will be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the original purchase date with proof of purchase.
All returns require a proof of purchase in order to accurately refund the original purchase price.
The cash register receipt serves as a proof of purchase for the items bought.
Returns without proof of purchase or after 30 days from purchase date REQUIRE MANAGER APPROVAL.


Refunds for In-Store purchases will be made by crediting the original method of payment. A store-only Merchandise Return Gift Card or Check may be issued.
It is not an Elk Supply issue if funds are withheld/frozen at the customers bank on debit card purchase/returns.

Original Payment:Refund issued in form of:
CashCash if less than $100 or Check** if $100 or more
CheckCash if less than $100 or Check** if $100 or more
Credit CardCredit issued to same credit card account
Debit CardCredit issued to same debit card account
Gift CardMerchandise Return Gift Card/Cash if under $5.00
**Checks are sent from Elk Supply Co. Inc, within 7 - 10 Business Days